Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Lohri!!

May This Auspicious Occasion

Bring In Lots Of Happiness And Prosperity
In Your Life Wishing Lots Of Love
Luck And Blessing To You And Your Family
On This Lohri.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

RESULTS @ JOB FAIR AT NIIT Dharamshala Center!!!
CONGRATULATIONS to the selected/shortlisted students on the spot.

IBM Shortlists:
1. Jagdeep Kotti
2. Ketan Kehsav
3. Ritesh Nag
4. Vipin
5. Rahul Sharma
6. Shivani Mehra
7. Sapna Sharma
8. Sahil Dutt
9. Pankaj

Bajaj Capital Shortlists:
1. Deepika
2. Dinesh Kumar
3. Ritu Manhas
4. Shivani Mehra
5. Rtesh Nag
6. Payal Dhiman
7. Neha Parmar
8. Vipin Guleria
9. Swati Thakur
10. Anshika Sonkla
11. Shreya Kapoor

GENPACT Shortlists:
1. Ashish Jamwal
2. Neha Parmar
3. Pankaj Sandhu
4. Vikas Sharma
5. Jagdeep Kotti

1. Payal Dhiman
2. Deepak Kumar
3. Babita Kumari
4. Mahaan
5. Priya Sahotra
6. Shiva Gaur
7. Pardeep Kumar
8. Jagdeep Kotti
9. Rahul Sharma
10. Vivek Atwal
11. Vikas Sharma
12. Tushar Sharma
13. Nitin Sharma
14. Minaskhi
15. Shreya Kapoor
16. Abhay Sharotri

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mega Job Fair @ NIIT Dharamshala Centre

Dear All

NIIT Dharamshala is going to conduct a Job Fair for any Graduate/Under Graduate having IT knowledge on 23rd Dec,2013 from 10 am onwards.

Those who want to appear in the fair need to appear in the Aptitude test first, on 20th or 21st Dec,2013 at NIIT Dharamshala Centre at 11am.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Computer Literacy Drive

We are spreading Computer Literacy in every School (Govt./ Pvt.) by giving seminars. They are also told about the new age careers at NIIT. Some of the seminar pics:

NIIT Dharamshala conducted the Annual Technical Visit from 15th to 22nd November,2013. Total 26 students and 8 staff members participated in the mega event. The visit was divided in two parts- Fun (Jaisalmer & Jaipur) & Tech (Industry Visits,Interviews).

The basic purpose of the visit is to make our students more exposed towards the latest IT trends/demands. They also look into the bigger picture of NIIT, otherwise for them NIIT is NIIT Dharamshala centre only. The students have really enjoyed both the parts of the tour.

Here are some pics of the event:

Birthday Celebrations!!!

Birthday Celebrations for Rajneesh and Abhilash at the Centre.
"May god bless them with all his blessings"

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

NIIT-ians celebrated Teacher's Day with full enthusiasm and respect. It was a full day event where students performed various activities and made their respective faculties to perform as well. Here are some pics of the same:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cloud Class @ Bus Stand

NIIT Dharamshala students did their Cloud Class at ISBT Dharamshala (Bus Stand). Total 18 students participated in the Cloud Class and spread the awareness about the new age technology and the power of Cloud Campus of NIIT. 
Here are some pics: